Exercise is Medicine

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News - The William Hobbayne Centre could re-open in September. The trustees of the Hobbayne Charity will decide shortly.

And when it does, we will be back, safely - but we will also carry on with Zoom for those of us who need to continue to shield. The Zoom classes work very well and continue to be very popular.

In the meantime, there's a lot going on - our allotment is open and thriving, there's a class every weekday and there are talks and discussions. The classes are recorded and are accessible to our members.

Shortly, we plan to offer a personal fitness assessment and plan. More on this soon.

Thanks to all for your ongoing support. 

About Zoom Classes

Classes are small with less than 16 participants. 

Our trainers are BACPR registered. BACPR? It's the British Association for Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation.

Yoga, specially tailored for us heart people, is on Zoom too, and is on Wednesdays.     

This is trainer Natalie, taking a class from her family's kitchen!


I have just summoned the willpower to put away a packet of Custard Creams after only eating two! 

All because I don't want to undo the fantastic work Faye and Natalie are doing with us. 

I feel fitter and trimmer than I have done since I stopped playing hockey 25 years ago.

I am so grateful and want to thank everyone who is working so hard to keep this group running. 


Thank you for recording the Yoga, I look forward to doing the session soon. When I was sailing pre-covid I realised our exercise sessions discovered otherwise unknown muscles. Today I rediscovered the sailing muscles, which have clearly been left alone for quite a while. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed my first sail back on the river this afternoon. It was hot sunny, breezy and I think we won! ⛵


Great workout Faye!!! Thanks!! 


Huge apologies for missing your email. 

Thank you very much for sending the meeting recording.


Our classes are live and supervised - and we see and meet up with our mates online.  Trainers are brilliant.



                    Set yourself some goals....

  • Dancing, pick your favourite songs and dance around to them for 15 minutes,

  • Sit to stand  - 5 sets during the day 10, 12, 16, 18, 20

  • Do okey cokey with big movements

  • Karaoke time

  • Try brushing your teeth with your non-dominant hand

  • Throw a ball (or crumpled up newspaper) to someone or against the wall, see you many times you can do it without dropping it, maybe get brave a clap between each throw. Or use hand to catch and throw

  • Hula hooping - practise learning a new physical skill, (big sized hula hoop)

  • Egg and spoon (I use boiled egg) walk round the house/garden  without dropping it, 

  • Learn a new dance the cha cha cha, mamba, salsa, 

  • Practise balancing on one leg, hold as long as you can, then change to the other leg, hold as long as you can. Do it again and try to beat your last time.

  • Read an article or pages of a book whilst lifting your knee up towards your hips.

  • If you have racket and ball, or crumpled up newspaper. Count how many times you can bat it up and down in the air, without dropping it. 

  • Balance a book on your head and walk round the garden, time how long you can do it before it drops. Try and beat this time.  


From Natalie Graham

Hi All, this week is diabetes awareness week. As many of you know, diabetes is one of the major risk factors for heart disease. Many of you may have been told that you are at risk of or may have diabetes. 

I want to remind you to keep talking with your diabetic specialists if you feel your diabetes is not properly controlled. Those of you who are pre-diabetic, there were courses that you could go on, I’m not sure if they are still doing these virtually but can always contact your GP! 

For further information please always use reputable resources such as the British Heart Foundation: