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ECG Financial Report from Bob Short

For the month of October, our activity indicates the following:-

Monday Class                            Surplus of £29.50

Thursday Class                         Surplus of £85.00

Go Cardless Fees                      Cost of     £8.48                Cost of processing Direct Debit Payments 

Yoga Class                                 Deficit of   £ .50

Thursday 2nd Session               Deficit of £170.00

Bonus Ball                    Net Income of    £41.00

For the month of October          Deficit of £3.48

We started the second class on a Thursday because some of the sessions were getting overcrowded and the maximum per class with one experienced trainer should only be 15 so we need more folk to join up to make things break even re the second class and we hope this will happen during the next 6 months.

The bonus was recently introduced to raise some additional funds and for a bit of fun because 50% of the weekly take is given back to the person who guesses the bonus ball number in the lottery draw on a Saturday night, please all try to enter on a weekly basis to raise some additional funds.

The AGM is to be held at the Harvester (Royal) Boston Road at 7pm on Wednesday 22nd November followed by a meal at 8pm, please try to attend both functions because it is important that we formally review what we are doing and what we have achieved and what improvements we should and would like to make.

  Thank you all for your continued help and support.

Keep exercising