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Our really enjoyable ECG Exercise classes are for people with heart and respiratory issues, friends and supporters. 

Book Class Herehttps://www.picktime.com/3b7db13f-cb18-4834-a221-4f64f815d407   

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COVID: Please don't attend the William Hobbayne Centre if you, or anyone in your household,  have recently tested positive or have symptoms. 

tag:ecg.fitness,2013:Post/1237910 2018-01-25T20:24:38Z 2024-02-25T16:04:47Z Heartlink has a website and it's very smart!

Many members of ECG are also Heartlink members whose activities we all support. We act as Heartlink's fitness class arm.

Here's how to find their details - https://www.ealingheartgroup.co.uk

tag:ecg.fitness,2013:Post/1134823 2017-02-28T09:36:45Z 2017-02-28T09:38:21Z After the workout ECG members relax

tag:ecg.fitness,2013:Post/779075 2014-12-05T14:42:53Z 2024-02-25T15:45:15Z ECG News - our change of name

Most of us were able to have a meal together, our first,  at our local Nepalese, Montys, in Hanwell, on 15th January.

We very much hope to resume twice weekly sessions shortly and raise funds so that the weekly attendance fee can be more reasonable.

It was decided to call ourselves Ealing Cardiac Group - ECG for short!

Changes to our blog name will follow soon.