Secretary Report

With two busy classes now and with Heart Yoga next year, it's useful to remember that we were closed down, without notice, when the classes were organised for us.

We continued because of the self-interest of a small group of founders. We were determined to keep at least one class. It really was a matter of life or death. So we came up with our treatment plan. Survival.

Factor One

Survival would not have happened without Barbara who enabled us to carry on. She charged a rate which included the hall hire. We benefit from her professionalism for a very reasonable fee. 

In the short term, it meant that the founders paid whatever it took to cover the costs so we had to find new recruits to make the then single class viable.

So we went to the talks held at Ealing Hospital, at that time, and had leaflets produced. We tried doctors' surgeries, too, with little or no success.

Factor Two

Membership. We opted for membership rather than pay as you go so you pay a fee regardless of whether you turn up. We then found that cash flow was easier to manage and that the members were more likely to attend.

We also decided that we would collect fees from GoCardless.

Right now we are in transition to this system and so those that haven't signed up to the system will be contacted.

Factor Three

The Supporters. The arrival of a number of supporters contributed to our improving stability and has been much appreciated.

Factor Four

Cardiac Rehab is now much more dynamic and we work closely with them. We introduce ourselves to the Level 3 cohorts at every opportunity.

Factor Five

We do our best to follow up people that have not turned up for a while although there's always room for improvement.

We have a website -, a WhatsApp group. We're also on twitter and have a Facebook page. And we are on Tumblr too.

Google searches find us.


  • Mission to ensure that all heart patients in the borough have access to Level 4 classes and that they know about it. 
  • Role of PPGs and why we should ask to speak to them
  • How to cope with a rising demand, more classes, bigger?
  • Membership payment 
  • How to reach long-term patients not overseen by Cardiac Rehab
  • Increasing participation - we must not be run by a self-selecting group - how to get involved
  • There is no external funding. Certain Individuals have been generous and there have been much-appreciated donations from Rotary. So we do need to fund raise to provide stability. 
  • External funding applications
  • Ealing Half Marathon